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“I Got High Hopes”

Since the beginning of 2013 many investors have been hoping for a correction or some sort of meaningful decline.  The stock market started last year with a bang and steadily and constantly climbed for the rest of the year.  This move extended the advance that hasn’t contained a normal 10% or greater pullback and naturally, […]

John Adams – “In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress.”[i]

Now that the government shutdown is over (at least until the beginning of 2014), the news media’s talking heads will stay busy by telling us who the winners and losers are.  To some, the analysis of this episode’s heroes and goats, complete with self-righteous criticisms, is the critical next step.  Those responsible for this ridiculous […]

“She Moves In Mysterious Ways”[i]

The markets can have unexpected reactions to news headlines.  Sometimes good news inexplicably gets sold and at other times prices rally after bad news.  While this can be maddening to the professional, it is especially confounding to the retail investor.  It doesn’t help when the financial media talking heads and internet headlines assign some superficial […]

“Parting is such sweet sorrow”[i]

Saying goodbye can be stressful.  Whether the separation is only temporary or longer term, there is a touch of sadness.    And this time of the year can have various farewells.  Some say goodbye to the beach house or mountain cabin, while others send kids off to college.   In this season of hellos and […]

News from Kerr Financial Group

When he is talking about investing, listening to Warren Buffett is probably wise. Similarly, although his stature may not be as great, listening to Jim Grant can be wise.  And when Jim Grant quotes Warren Buffett, it is probably noteworthy.  Such an event happened in the July 26th issue of “Grant’s Interest Rate Observer”.  Actually, Jim […]

“I’ve Got Good News, I’ve Got Bad News”

The recent developments surrounding the financial markets cause, at a minimum, mixed emotions. First, the good news – stocks are at record levels. Further, belief is quickly spreading that even higher prices lie ahead. Worries over the election, the fiscal cliff, and sequestration seem to be antiquated emotions of the good old days. More recent […]